The Consequences Of Eczema On Eyelid

Published: 24th February 2011
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Eczema on eyelid is one the mildest manifestations of eczema, causing one or even two eyelids to swell and then going away within one or two days without a doctor's attention. But, even with the mildness of this eczema symptom, it needs to be taken seriously. Eczema of one or two eyelids causes negative effects socially, physically, and psychologically, and so should be taken care of. In people who have recurring eczema on eyelid, the effects on them are even greater and could end up being long-term.

The Effects Of Eyelid Eczema On Your Physical Welfare:

On a physical level, it is clear that eczema on eyelid causes clear and obvious symptoms. Depending on the scope and severity of the skin irritation, one or both eyelids usually become red, swollen, and itchy. At its worst, eczema on eyelid can cause either one or both eyelids to close halfway or entirely, eliminating the sense of sight for the mean time. In milder cases of this condition, red blotches on the skin of the eyelids may appear and only minimal swelling is present, therefore allowing little room for the eyes to see.

Nonetheless, eczema of the eyelids impairs or reduces one's capability to see things with their eyes. In turn, this affects how well one performs tasks at work, at home, or at school. It can even risk your safety since it causes limitations on your vision.

The Psychological And Social Effects Of Eczema On Eyelid:

Given that eczema on eyelid causes a noticeably unwanted physical appearance, it brings with it psychological and social effects that can tear you apart from the inside out. One immediate effect that it has is decreased self-esteem. No one wants to face the world with puffy eyes. Why, only a puffer fish would envy your eyes. Since they are not pleasing to view, it brings the way you view yourself right down to the floor and leaves your self-image on the floor until the swelling and redness are disappear. In people who have chronic eyelid eczema where their eyelid eczema frequently reappears, the condition can lead them to be anxious, causing them to constantly wonder when it will attack them again. And chronic anxiety is not good either.

As a consequence of the self-esteem issues that eczema on eyelid brings up, self-confidence also goes down with it. With only a small amount of confidence in your physical appearance, you will find that you are more hesitant about facing encountering certain situations. Later on, this in turn will affect how you interact with other people.

Aside from issues with self-perception, how people perceive you will also affect how they interact with you. They may either be afraid that what you have is contagious, or simply not be fond of your appearance. At work, eczema on eyelid will also affect how well you perform your tasks and when it comes to jobs requiring you to face people, you will not be allowed to interact with them given your appearance. This is not discriminatory but rather a precaution that your bosses will take to avoid driving away potential customers, investors, or business partners.

The psychological and social effects of eczema on eyelid also vary depending on the affected person's age and peers. Children are most likely to feel helpless especially if the condition frequently recurs until later in life. Among teenagers, where bullying is common, peer pressure is high, and self-image is very important, they are more prone to suffer from poor confidence, self-esteem, anxiety, and depression. Adults who are in the work force, on the other hand, are bound to miss work until their eyelid eczema subsides.


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